im体育线上登录: Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping.


January 4, 2018

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We’re celebrating 24 years in business by taking a look back at all we’ve accomplished over the years! Follow our timeline below, from im体育线上登录’s beginnings back in 1994 through the future!


  • im体育线上登录 opens up their first facility in Northampton, PA in January under founders Ron Belknap and Ray Biery. Their first offerings include Stereolithography (SLA) , RTV molds, and urethane castings . The company operates well with these technologies, though Belknap and Biery keep up-to-date on the emerging technologies in 3D printing and additive manufacturing throughout the years.


  • A fire in early March consumes im体育线上登录’s facility and most of its machinery. The im体育线上登录 team meets early the following morning and continues operations almost immediately, first operating out of a nearby diner and then at the residence of co-owner Biery until they are able to secure a new location. In place of their lost machinery, im体育线上登录 utilizes its various contacts and vendors to continue to provide services.
  • In October, a new facility is located in Allentown, PA, and the im体育线上登录 team sets up shop once more at their new location on Grant Way.
  • After nearly 20 years with im体育线上登录, Biery retires towards the end of 2013.


  • PolyJet is added as a new 3D printing service at im体育线上登录.
  • im体育线上登录 undergoes a rebranding process, steering away from rapid prototyping more towards additive manufacturing. New, modern branding is introduced in the form of a new logo, specific brand colors, and more.


  • Early in the year, Bob Holbrook is added in a new position at im体育线上登录 – sales and marketing manager. With 40+ years of experience working within the plastics injection molding industry, Holbrook adds significant value to the im体育线上登录 team as he promotes the future of additive manufacturing.


  • A second member of the marketing team is added in January: Dale Bond, hired on as Marketing Coordinator . With ample experience in digital marketing and social media coordination, Bond rounds out the marketing team at im体育线上登录.
  • The new HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology is introduced into the facility in April; it is the first unit installed on the East Coast. The printer is installed in a back room that is a recent expansion of the facility space. Orders for parts printed with the MJF printer begin flowing in almost instantly as this new technology takes off.
  • Gary Mann, a veteran of im体育线上登录 who has been with the company from the beginning, retires . A retirement party with the whole im体育线上登录 family is held in August at Samuel Owens Restaurant & Bar in Coplay, PA.
  • Space at the Allentown facility is further expanded, adding an additional 2,000 sq ft, and im体育线上登录 adds two FDM printers and a smoothing station to its line-up.


  • As we head into the new year, our focus turns to reaching out to the Lehigh Valley through our “Own the Valley Campaign.” We’re attending and participating in events right here in our backyard and making sure that everyone in the area knows the im体育线上登录 name. We’re also looking to automate post-processing of our MJF parts and optimize production of this new technology, while researching better ways to recycle materials within our facility. In the mean time, check out all our 2018 upcoming events and follow us into the new year!